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Solutions Systems & Storage

In order to truly optimize your IT infrastructure, it’s key to have a comprehensive and resilient approach to hybrid cloud. One that lowers costs without cloud lock-in, integrates and plays well with your existing solutions — all while simplifying containerization, management, software-defined storage and modern data protection.


Simplify hybrid cloud 

Reduce complexity with enterprise storage across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

Data protection and resiliency

Maximize backup storage efficiency, data security and performance with maximum uptime  at a lower cost.


Our IBM Storage System Offerings

Flash storage solutions 
Simplify your hybrid cloud with high-performing all-flash storage solutions that are cost-effective and easy to manage 

Software-defined storage 
Software-defined storage (SDS) provides the flexible storage foundation you need for hybrid cloud, digital transformation and more 


Storage data backup and recovery solutions 
Go beyond data backup and recovery to unify workload protection and cyber resilience 


Hybrid storage solutions 
Optimize your storage media mix, including NVMe hybrid flash storage solutions, to achieve the best balance of performance and cost efficiency. 


Storage Area Networks (SAN) 
SAN solutions scale up to help you move more data, while also supporting virtualization, hybrid cloud and big data requirements 


Tape storage 
Reliable tape storage technology with airgap, long-term retention, cyber resilient and energy-efficient at a lower cost than other media

Our HyperConverged Storage Solutions - By NUTANIX

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Deploy in Minutes

Update non-disruptively with a single click, and manage all storage from a single pane of glass.



Scale-up or scale-out flexibly on the hardware of your choice and enjoy cloud-like consumption.


Automate Operations

Know your data, who’s using it, and how—and then drive automated management and control.

Scale Up or Out On Demand—with One Click
Nutanix Files is built to handle billions of files and tens of thousands of user sessions. As your environment grows, just one click will elastically scale your cluster up by adding more compute and/or memory to the file server VMs, or out by adding more file server VMs. All from a single platform. You can also provide object and block storage using the same resources.


Get Deep Analytics and Audit Trails
Understanding the data your infrastructure is hosting is critical. File Analytics will help audit the file system usage, such as who is creating, accessing, moving, deleting and modifying files and permissions (audit trails). You can also filter data based on a particular event or time range.


Manage Capacity Effectively
Gain visibility into how capacity is being utilized over time and what kind of files are being added to the defined capacity. Analytics provide you with visibility into file type and file size distribution, and their growth patterns. This can help administrators on quota enforcement.


Secure Data & Detect Anomalies
Identifying potential threats and risks is vital. Define alert policies that trigger when file system anomalies are detected or malicious activities occur. View the alert details and get additional information on the users responsible for the anomalies, and which folders are impacted.


Get Storage Features you Need
Nutanix Files provides all the capabilities organizations have come to expect from enterprise file storage systems, including: intelligent tiering, erasure coding, and compression. It also helps you enable per user quota for better control of the file server deployment.

How it Works

Nutanix Files provides a scale-out distributed file storage solution supporting SMB and NFS on top of Nutanix AOS. 
Virtual file server controllers are deployed across nodes within an existing cluster, or on a dedicated file storage cluster. Nodes are designed to be self-contained and share nothing eliminating single points of failure. 
Nutanix Files architecture scales out easily by adding virtual resources and can deploy across a variety of environments including datacenters, remote and branch offices, edge locations, and clouds.


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