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SaaS – Software As A Service

Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS for short, is a cloud-based method of providing software to users. SaaS users subscribe to an application rather than purchasing it once and installing it. Users can log into RedCloud Portal and use a SaaS application from any compatible device over the Internet. The actual application runs on our HCI infrastructure servers and is maintained and managed by our technical team.

Our RedCloud based SaaS offerings include the following. More services are being added regularly :

Centralized Multitenant Infrastructure Monitoring (SaaS NMS)

Our Infrastructure Monitoring Solution SaaS is capable of monitoring a multi-tenant environment, including tenant network infrastructure, data centers, remote offices, Web Services, Database Applications and all services, that could be located in different cities or countries with their own specifical environments and setups that might include services that are entirely different one from other. Even multiple teams within one organization could be separated and managed independently with their own permission settings and monitoring configuration. The solution supports only outbound monitoring statistics which implies that monitored parameters and statistical data is sent out from a tenant’s premises, and no inbound connection is allowed, which maintains the security and integrity of a tenants environment. The solution allows our clients to:

  • Monitor all network devices and state.

  • Monitor virtual environments, private clouds, systems hardware etc.

  • Monitor Servers, Virtual Machines, Containers and other hosts.

  • Monitor Applications (Web Applications) and Databases.

  • Get secure access to a universal portal, accessible from anywhere, using a web browser.

  • Obtain greater insights and also initiate basic troubleshooting steps.

  • Access to Graphs and Dashboards

  • Managed Service Option available


SaaS based Backup As A Service (BaaS)

Our BaaS offering leverages upon our VeeAM MSP certification, and allows our clients to back-up their on-premise or RedCloud hosted application data to our backup storage platform. The solution is based on Disk based backups and tape backup is optional. The following functionalities are offered:

  • Data stays within country.

  • Client receive a self-service web portal accessible from anywhere, which allows them to create and monitor their backup jobs. Clients can also restore their data. No VPN is required.

  • Supports all standard types of backups including granular backup/restore.

  • Application aware backups – leverage upon snapshot technology without requiring application or database quiescing. 

  • Requires a backup agent on the backed up VMs. Can also integrate with VCenter/VMWare ESXi environments and backup entire VM images without requiring agents.

  • Depending upon client infrastructure set up, the BaaS service may require a virtual proxy or appliance at client premises.

  • Managed Service Option Available

  • Additional option allows a client/tenant to host all infrastructure software/appliances and backup storage at their premises, while we can provide a managed service for the entire solution.


SaaS based – DR As A Service

As your business embraces a multi-cloud strategy, you need to make sure that Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is a part of your plan - to ensure availability – and to maintain customer confidence and brand reputation. Our DRaaS SaaS offering adds DR capabilities to our BaaS offering. 
Today’s modern business demands 24/7 IT services to power their non-stop operations with supporting applications, requiring fast and reliable recovery, regardless of the reason for failure. However, today’s applications and data sets are larger and more complex, distributed and interdependent than ever. This renders the successful recovery of even a single application — not to mention entire sites — incredibly difficult, making orchestration of recovery processes an indispensable tool.

  • Maximize service availability

    • Deliver uptime and resiliency with lightning-fast, one-click disaster recovery, avoidance and migrations.

  • Eliminate manual processes

    • Orchestrate and automate recovery, testing and documentation to skyrocket operational efficiencies.

  • Protect yourself from audits

    • Automatically maintain up-to-date documentation to assure stakeholders and compliance requirements.

  • Flexible recovery options

    • Choose the protection method that fits your SLOs, recover from Veeam CDP replicas, other replicas or backups, or array-based storage snapshots.

  • Guarantee successful recovery

    • Predict and confirm outcomes with fully automated DR testing that doesn't disrupt production or users.

  • Make your data work for you

    • Risk-free Dev/Test, patching and more that puts your protection data and infrastructure to work.

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