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We offer Network related services ranging from Layer 1 (Cabling, Fiber Optics, Wifi) to network applications and security. The following is a summarized listing of those services

Copper & Fiber Optic Cabling – L1


IT Services for Enterprises

Communication media technologies are a critical element in the design of virtually all new and renovation building projects. Whether it be voice, data and video transmission, security and fire alarm systems, audio/visual systems, multimedia, or other communication technologies, it is important that a team of experienced professionals are involved in the design to ensure that our clients receive a technology infrastructure that provides users with reliable, high-speed connectivity to internal and external network-based resources.


IT Services for Enterprises

Our Copper cabling solutions in the horizontal system consist of plenum rated Category 6/6A/7 premise cables and connectors, pathways, patch panels, terminations, equipment racks, cable management labeling and documentation. A typical end-to-end link begins at the outlet and includes the work area outlet with angled keystone jacks using insulation displacement contacts (IDC), Category 6/6A/7/8 premise cable, and Category 6/6A/7/8 IDC patch panels and termination blocks terminating in the designated TR or ER. All components are typically from same manufacturer to enable a compliant and warranted cabling system. All our cable deployments are supported in the equipment racks and pathways accordance in with the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations


IT Services for Enterprises

Horizontal Cabling Experience: We have successfully completed cabling projects for various telcom operators in this region, which also includes very high-density cabling, including fiber optics for the SAN fabrics both in overhead trays and under raised flooring.

Certified & Tested

IT Services for Enterprises

All our cabling is tested certified and documented using a Fluke testing system

Image by Jordan Harrison

L2-L7 – Multilayer Switching, Provider Grade Switches & Routers

  • Multilayer Switching : (include photo of network switches in rack): Managed Network Switches perform their functions in software. Therefore, they are termed as software devices. Setting up any software-based appliance like a managed switch requires appropriate OS and subject matter expertise. Unfortunately, many companies end up selling and installing intelligent switches as hardware and dumb boxes, unable to deliver enough value to the client. This is where we differentiate ourselves. Whether it is an SMB or an Enterprise, we ensure that 

    • Client is educated on critical software functionalities that their organizations can benefit from. Those include stacking, VLAns, Inter-Vlan routing, ACLs, 802.1x authentication with AAA backend (Aruba Clearpass, Cisco ISE, Microsoft NPS etc), port security, Trunking, Etherchannels etc.

    • We stock, deliver and deploy Aruba, Cisco, Juniper, Avaya and Lenovo switches – Both TOR (Top Of rack) and core switches.

    • We also supply and deploy switch management solutions like Aruba Airwave, that enable management and monitoring of heterogenous environments.

    • We have successfully deployed datacenter core switches and Routers as well as service provider grade switching for telecom operators. This also includes design and implementation of ISP POPs. These solutions are built with highest hardware and link redundancies, designed to perform non-stop for years.

Image by Thomas Jensen

Wireless Solutions (Aruba Networks)

  • High-performance, secure enterprise wireless LAN with support for Wi-Fi 6

  • Wi-Fi access points and controllers for seamless connectivity.

  • Aruba Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 APs include enterprise, branch, plug-and-play for remote workers, outdoor, and hardened versions for a wide-range of use cases and price points.

Aruba WIFI Advantages

Simplify network operations
Built-in network intelligence supports advanced capabilities like AI-powered RF optimization, dynamic segmentation, service assurance, and smart management options for improved IT and user experiences.


Secure the network
WPA3 and Enhanced Open improve user and guest encryption, while PEF uses role-based access control and DPI to isolate and segment traffic. Aruba ESP enables Zero Trust Network Security for devices and IoT.

Aruba Access Points

Indoor access points

When performance and simplicity matter, Aruba APs support AI capabilities, the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, and multiple form factors for deployment in any environment. Ruggedized models also support extreme temperature and humidity requirements.


Outdoor access points

Aruba outdoor APs provide seamless connectivity for large public venues, as well as pop-up sites and loading docks. Point-to-point wireless options provide Wi-Fi mesh backhaul and 60GHz speed to adjacent buildings.


Remote access points

Work from home or set up a temporary site with a solution that’s easy to deploy and manage. Aruba access points are automatically configured, so employees just plug them into any existing Internet connection and they’re ready to go.


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