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Design & Architecture

Successful infrastructure design and implementation is critical to the success of any modern business, so it must be planned at the start of a project. Your equipment room is the nerve centre of your building, supplying power and data along cabling infrastructure.

As bandwidths increase, so must the capacity of the cabling and of the wired and wireless networks. Today, IT infrastructure must also include distributed antenna systems for smartphones and tablets. The network environment is becoming more complex. Organizations are demanding more from both their wired and wireless networks because of increasing requirements upon their security, building management and lighting control systems. Data analytics, compliance, device development and cloud computing also need more bandwidth, and greater agility, simplicity and service assurance. Skilled network design has never been more valuable. Our expertise covers every aspect of Information Technology infrastructure design. Our staff have many years of practical experience in realizing state-of-the-art designs and they are actively involved in developing the next generation of international standards.

Featured Services Include


Cabinet and spatial layouts


Power distribution


Structured cabling pathways


Network driven structured cabling


Carrier and network requirements


Hot or cold aisle containment


Specialized Services Include

  • Completed Data center Architecture, layout and design – from OSI Layer 1 to OSI layer 4

  • Planning, design & installation of consolidated or converged storage platforms.

  • Planning, design & installation of Virtual environments using various hypervisors and OEM technologies.

  • Planning and building Private Cloud with self service portals, chargeback etc.

  • Designing & Architecting Datacenter security including PAM, SIEM, MFA, Firewalls, Host based Firewalls, IPS, Log management & Compliance

  • Designing Storage replication & DR solutions.

  • Planning, Designing & Implementing enterprise and cloud based backup solutions.

  • Structured cabling & Certifications.

  • High Density Fiber Optic cabling for LAN & SAN

  • Zoning and traffic segregation

  • Environmental Monitoring

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