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 Managed IT

Let us manage your IT Infrastructure, while you focus on your business

When you sign up for our Managed IT Services, we become an extension to your organization. Our MSP for IT specialization includes

Managed - Data Center

IT Services for Enterprises

  • Enterprise security and compliance

  • Networking

  • Systems & Storage

  • Monitoring & Reporting

  • Changes & improvements

  • Recommendations

  • Storage Networks

  • Environment & Power Monitoring

Managed – Infrastructure

IT Services for Enterprises

  • Wireless and LAN

  • Remote Branches, Remote Access

  • SD-WAN deployments and management

  • Day to Day monitoring & troubleshooting

Managed – On-Premise Standard deployments

IT Services for Enterprises

  • Private

  • Hybrid

  • Public Cloud Services

Why opt for our MSP services?

  • Dependable SLAs & KPIs: Our key differentiators when it comes to Managed IT services

    • Well defined and established KPIs

    • Our vast self-acquired and constructed knowledge base

    • Versatile industry experience spanning almost two decades

  • Our standard package includes:

    • Free infrastructure assessment

    • Vulnerability Assessment

    • Virtualization assessment

  • Standard On-Site Services

    • Include knowledge transfer

    • On site maintenance & troubleshooting

    • Pre-planned maintenance visits

  • Remote Support

    • 8X5 or 12X6 or 24X7

  • A dedicated team of experts for managing various aspects of your IT dependent business processes.

  • Special offers on our cloud-hosted offerings to our MSP clients

  • Managed Backup and recovery; Managed Network Monitoring

  • Others

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