Ent. Virtualization

 Client Profile:Large Mining Operation

 Client Business Requirement: To build multiple VMware Clusters, to serve as redundant resource pools for different Applications, Tiered and Non-Tiered. The requirement comprised of Multiple Data centers, hosting Multiple Clusters each. The solution further entailed vApps, and integration with FC SAN as well as Image level and Granular Backups. All management to be done from an HA protected VCenter 5.1 Server.

Solution Provided: 

  1. Our Virtualization planned & designed a VMware Virtualization Infrastructure addressing various needs of the Client.
  2. Ample capacity designed to ensure critical links received ample Network BW as well as redundancy.
  3. Full redundancy added on the FC SAN with Optimal Multipathing & Load Balancing..
  4. Installed and configured full vMotion and Storage vMotion ready Clusters.
  5. The solution uses standard vSwitches (vSS) with plans and capacity to integrate using a Distributed Virtual Switch (vDS) across multiple hosts..
  6. SAN and VADP based Image level backup without burdening production LAN or Production SAN, on to an Enterprise class Dedupe/VTL platform.
  7. Setting up a vCloud ready infrastructure.
  8. The infrastructure offers great flexibility with Datastore level (SAN based) and VM level replication.