Client Profile: Large Telecom Operator

 Client Business RequirementTo build a state of the art, highly redundant, fully modular, high performance, high capacity and scalable Internet Point Of presence to host Thousands of internet subscribers. The POP must have

  • a redundant Edge with capacities scalling to multiple STMs and 10G Long range Ethernet
  • High capacity eBGP for full eBGP routing tables
  • Full internal Mesh for highest redundancy within the POP
  • Intelligent Policies for route and path manipulation.
  • Device security.
  • Redundant Service Provider Class Internet Cache Appliance multi tiered.
  • Advanced security controls at various points including IDP to control incessant Torrent usage.
  • Fully redundant bi-directional Anti-Spam solution
  • Web Filtering
  • State of the art virtualized NOC with monitoring tools support Netflow and Operations Management.

 Solution Provided: 

  1. Our Internet Solutions team put together a highly scalable POP design addressing all client needs and beyond.
  2. The solution is based primarily on Juniper M10i Edge Routers, MX80 Core Routers, Junniper Cache, Juniper Virtual Chassis cluster etc.
  3. The Solution has been successfully implemented and being professionally supported on a day-to-day basis with a 12X7 support cover.