SP Data Center

 Client Profile: Largest Telecom Operator in the Country & Continent

 Client Business Requirement: To Build the necessary infrastructure for hosting the largest and most sophisticated Data Center in the region, to cater for 100s of Servers, Petabytes of storage, thousands of Network points both UTP CAT 6 and Fiber Optics for 100s of Storage nodes and Storage controllers FE ports. Apart from Passive component infrastructure, the client also required a state of the art Data center Network based on highly redundant enterprise multilayer switches, Inline Intrusion Detection Systems, Inline Firewalls, Network Adminssion Control, Enterprise Edge Firewall Cluster and VPN concentrator.

Solution Provided: 

  1.  Our Networking, Cabling & Security Team planned & designed a comprehensive Data Center Infrastructure platform to cater for the enormous UTP and Fiber optic cabling
  2. A revolutionary Patch-to-patch approach was undertaken which simplied the cabling system to a huge extent, result in a highly simplified and manageable structured cabling system
  3. Once completed, our Network Architects put together a state of the art, highly redundant and high speed Network design utilizing Cisco best practice for a modular and secure Network design.
  4.  Our team handled the delivery, supply, installation & configuration of the entire project, meeting various requisite deadlines.
  5.  The Solution included Cisco 6500, 4500 Multilayer switches along with a multitude of Security devices.
  6. The client recognized our achievements by issuing us a Certificate citing the professional contribution that we made towards helping in making this one of the greatest success stories in the region.
  7. Supported through a comprehensive Service Level Agreement.