RSA Archer Suite, a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for integrated risk management, empowers organizations of all sizes to manage multiple dimensions of risk on one configurable, integrated software platform. With RSA Archer, organizations can quickly implement risk management processes based on industry standards and best practices—leading to improved risk management maturity, more informed decision-making and enhanced business performance.

The single platform for managing risks, controls and more across your business


  • Automate business processes and streamline workflows
  • Integrate easily with external systems to support data analysis
  • Deploy on premises or in a SaaS model



RSA Archer Platform

 Learn how the RSA Archer Platform enables greater integration of data across your integrated risk management program, while creating a common language and reporting structure for sharing results.

What Is Integrated Risk Management?

Integrated risk management (IRM) refers to a set of practices designed to help organizations understand and manage the full scope of risks (strategic, operational, financial, digital, etc.) facing their enterprises, with more flexibility and agility than traditional GRC programs. As the term suggests, integrated risk management highlights the integrated nature of risk: both horizontally, across risk domains (e.g., security, compliance, resilience), and vertically, by connecting operational risks to an organization’s strategy. Integrated risk management is especially intended to help organizations manage new risks stemming from digital transformation activities. Since those risks can quickly have a cascading impact, integrated risk management aims to better prepare organizations for those impacts and dependencies.