Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions

Disaster Recovery

Many organizations today do not have adequate disaster recovery (DR) protection for their applications.  In most cases, disaster recovery is perceived as too expensive, complex and unreliable for any but the most mission-critical applications.

But disaster recovery is a natural fit for the cloud, and our Disaster Recovery to our Cloud Services make disaster recovery broadly accessible for all applications and sites by providing cost-efficient, automated and simple disaster protection.

We are offering Disaster Recovery to Our Cloud Services leveraging VMWare Technologies. Use these services today to protect all your applications and sites with a better DR solution.

Cost-efficient Disaster Recovery - The VMware Disaster Recovery to our Cloud Services reduce overall DR protection costs in two ways:

  • Pay-As-You-Use: Pay-per-use pricing model eliminates the need for large upfront capital investment to build a secondary DR site. Resources are allocated as per your requirements and can be scaled in or out on the fly.

Automated Disaster Recovery

Traditional DR solutions are unreliable because they depend on manual processes documented in error-prone runbooks. Many organizations are unable to perform routine failover testing, and have limited confidence that they will be able to meet their failover objectives.

Our Disaster Recovery to our Cloud solution ensures rapid and reliable recovery with fully automated processes.

  • Automated recovery process - The Solution automates the entire site recovery and migration process. Upon initiation of a disaster failover, business services are automatically recovered with no manual intervention.
  • Non-disruptive testing - recovery plans can be tested without disrupting production systems. As a result, organizations gain confidence that their disaster protection will meet their business objectives.

Simple Disaster Recovery

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are complex to set up. They require a secondary site, dedicated infrastructure, and hardware-based replication to move data to the secondary site.

Our Disaster Recovery to our Cloud solution is very simple to set up.  You no longer need to deploy a secondary site. Instead, weonly need to deploy some basic components in your location. This Solution includes Replication, the industry’s first hypervisor-based replication product to replicate virtual machine data to the cloud.  The Solution also integrates with a matching instance in the cloud to automate all recovery and testing processes and enable end users to manage their recovery plans.

We can also formulate, Design, Deliver & Implement a fully functional, tested and compliant DR solution completely hosted at the Client's own DR site.